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DC9DZ: Project 2m EME – Power Amplifier (PA) using 4CX1000A

Data of DRESSLER 2m EME RF Linear Amplifier

Frequency bands 144 MHz – 146 MHz
Power supply 2 power supply transformers 2400 VA & 200 VA
Plate voltage 3250 V at full output power
Screen voltage 330 V stabilized
Grid voltage - 57 V +/- 15 V regulated
Filament 6 V / 9 A
Input SWR 144 – 146 MHz 1 : 1
Gain 19.5 dB
Amplification Input power Output power  
Measured with a Bird Power Meter, Model 43, on Bird dummy load. 5 W
10 W
20 W
25 W
  460 W
900 W
1800 W
2200 W
Input SSB Signal 33% of full 1 KHz Modulation
on / off Ratio 1:2, Interruptions: 20 Hz
Harmonic Output 50 dB below rated output
IMD 35 dB or better
Tube Eimac 4CX1000A
Tuned input network
Output network Lambda/4 system, impedance: 40 Ohm (best possible value!)
Computer control All switching functions, no relais switching under power conditions, soft start inrush, 200 sec delay time for full power, 2 speed turbine blower

Well regulated screen and grid supply for +ve and -ve currents as well as current limiting to protect the tube and minimize the IMD. It is impossible to override the screen and grid dissipation at any working conditions.
Metering Display of all parameters – no switching
Housing High quality black eloxial aluminia
Dimension (PA & PS) each: 324w x 205h x 430d mm³
Weight (PA & PS) combined: 48 kg